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In enlightenment, our consciousness becomes like a drop of water merging into the ocean of love.

Allow the truth of these ancient wisdom teachings to be your roots, study them constantly. Meditation is the trunk of the tree connecting the physical and the spiritual selves. The branches, leaves, and fruit of the tree are the flowering of your life in the world. In this method, the spiritual aspirant remains grounded and unmoved by squalls of the material world.


“The difference between love and attachment is that attachment is about control. Love is all about surrender. When you unburden yourself from attachment you rise in love.”



My mother introduced me to yoga one night in 2006 through a deep breathing practice. The peace I found in that moment inspired a curiosity that could only be satisfied with the practice of yoga. Soon after, I began to study Ashtanga Yoga. At the time, I was an aspiring Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner. Since then I have earned seven national titles and three world championship medals.

In 2009, I began to study with Tim Miller and completing his First Series Teacher Certification Training that year and the Second Series Teacher Certification Training in 2010. About the same time, I met a Shiv Tantric meditation master Yogi Shivraj and have been practicing meditation with him ever since.

In 2010, I opened The Power of Yoga studio in Brawley and taught there until moving to San Diego to be closer to my teacher. I have also taught numerous seminars in the Imperial Valley and in studios in various locations in Mexico.

In 2016 I wrote my first book titled, “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Enlightenment”, and look forward to publishing in 2017. The book covers how to live spiritually in contemporary society, basic yoga philosophy, and the concept of modern enlightenment.

Yoga continues to inspire me. Every breath, every movement is a devotional step closer to the divine, a step closer to one’s true self.

My hope is that those who come to my classes and seminars and read my book find whatever it is they are looking for be it extending their physical capacity, gaining mental clarity or heightening a spiritual connection.



Jayson is available to teach classes, workshops, seminars, and lectures on the subject matter covered in the book, including philosophy, meditation, yoga, and several other topics.
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“Purpose exists in the flow of the present moment.”


This is what clients of Jayson’s are saying about ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN ENLIGHTENMENT

“This compelling book is extraordinary for its ability to make the wisdom of the ages accessible to all even as it makes the angst of a modern soul searcher painfully real. It is rich with stories and parables from all faiths. It also is brutally honest about the suffering inherent in a modern life in which materialism, media and the maelstrom of life can overshadow a strong connection with the divine.

At once gripping and poetic, the stories included keep the reader turning the pages. The book offers a journey of the soul that is not easily forgotten. Yet it also provides a valuable resource to read and reread when grappling with life’s challenges.”

“Jayson is a very talented writer. His story is inspiring. Reading his book made me feel like I went on a journey with a modern mystic.”

“Reading this book, I was inspired by the authors life story. My favorite part is his devotion to understanding that suffering is a blessing and how he used that to transform and deepen his intense journey inward. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Enlightenment is an absolutely amazing book. It is one of the most transformative and illuminating books I have ever read.

I have studied many books about meditation and spirituality but I found this book really speaks to me in a way that awakens my soul. I strongly believe that this book can be used as a spiritual guide and has great potential to inspire and awaken many. For me this book bridged that gap between the ancient wisdom teachings and attaining enlightenment in the modern world.”



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“Judgement divides the planet, love unites the world. When you operate in love, you cease to point out others misgivings and act as the catalyst for the transformation of all.”